Additive Manufacturing

Oryx Advanced Materials is your solutions partner for additive manufacturing materials and processing requirements. One of the biggest promises of additive manufacturing is design freedom and customization.

As solutions partners, our goal is to help you get most out of the additive manufacturing technology. Along with freedom in geometry, we offer freedom in materials.

Combined with our highly skilled team of materials scientists, production and QA personnel, Oryx has state of the art equipment capabilities well suited for Additive Manufacturing Process. Our focus is on producing high quality powders with high density and flow properties using inert gas atomization system. For uncompromised quality, our powders are subject to a series of intensive characterization and analysis, to ensure its total compliance to chemical composition and homogeneity, particles size distributions, flowability, and apparent density.

Our service extends beyond a material supplier. Our team of experts work on developing printing parameters for optimum printed part quality, We also provide post-processing solutions for desired final properties.  Hot isostatic pressing process eliminates internal porosity and defects and provides internal stress relief, being a required step for additively manufactured parts in industries such as aerospace and biomedical.

Final result is we have the capability to provide a complete package of powder supply, process recipe and post processing service, all in house and under one roof.