About Us

Mission statement:
"Our mission is to be our customers first choice for thin film materials, delivering products of outstanding quality and great service at a competitive cost through working faster, simpler, and together."

Oryx Advanced Materials entire worldwide workforce is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product for their application. We are committed to the requirements of the ISO9000 quality system. From our beginning in serving the demanding data storage market, we educate each employee in the culture that customer specifications must be met 100% of the time. These include composition control, density, trace elemental analysis, surface finish, as well as cosmetic appearance they have come to expect, packaged in a professional manner to maintain cleanliness and safety during transport.

Our customer service ethic and constant innovation are what drive our company, coupled with expertise in metallurgy, target bonding, shield production and cleaning. From our foundation in Silicon Valley we have localized into core markets, starting with Oryx Penang in 1999 and Oryx China in 2002. We have established capability in vacuum casting, powder metallurgy, and thermal spray to serve our WW customer base. We provide you support from R&D through mass production for your competitive advantage.